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  • Dredger "Dvinskiy Zaliv"

    project 101

    Type: Twin-screw, self-propelled (diesel-electric) bucket chain dredger.
    Designation: maintenance and capital dredging of any kind of ground including shore coast with disposal of soil into hopper barges/s for further delivery by them at sea disposal area.
    Allowed weather conditions: max height of wave 0,75 meters.

    Russian Register class KM L3(I)R1A2 dredger
    Year built, Builder 1989, Rostock
    Length overall 80,17 m
    Beam 14,4 m
    Depth 5,2 m
    Draught at dredging work 3,75 m
    Light draft  bow 3,44 m
    Light draft  aft 3,64 m
    Deadweight summer 583 t
    Gross tonnage 2081 rt
    Net tonnage 624  rt
    Dredging capacity (max) * 750 cbm per hour *
    Max Dredging depth 14/16/18/24 m
    Min Dredging depth 5 m
    Min required width of dredging area 15 m
    Speed loaded 8,5  knots
    Speed in ballast 9,6  knots
    Main engines 8 NVDS48-A2 / 6 NVDS48-A2
    Number x output 1 x 1320 h.p. / 1x 1000
    Recommended fuel oil:  
      Main engines RMA 10 36 cCt/ 500 C 940 kilo/m3
      auxiliary engines MDO Dist DMB (ISO 8217/1996)
    Fuel consumption (daily): IFO MGO
      Sailing 7,0 t  
      Dredging 3,0 t  
      Stoppage during dredging job   1,655 t
      Idle staying   0,91 t
      Boiler (quarter I and IV)   0,993 t
      Boiler (quarter II and III) 0,496 t  
    Bunker capacity IFO 178 m3
    Bunker capacity MGO 61 m3
    Fresh water capacity 156 t
    Crew/td> 24 persons
    Endurance of BC 25 days
    Remarks :
    * Actual daily dredging capacity depends on type of soil to be dredged, as well as on quantity of hopper barges involved into servant of BCD and distance from dredging area to disposal area, as well as on method of anchors' fasting.
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